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A sincere, understanding and good listener
Freedom-loving, liberal, love to travel, having had many experiences from different cultures, Koraby is ready to listen no matter how difficult the story, how difficult it is, to understand and help people to find solutions. Resolve crisis issues with an objective and gentle attitude.
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Dinh Tran Tuan Linh
After more than 14 years of practicing Astrology in Vietnam from 2007 until now, Linh is a lecturer in nearly 90 basic and advanced Horoscope/Astrology classes at TADA Project & Founder of Digital Astrology System - providing star maps for more than 200,000 people and taught more than 1000 students about basic Astrology
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Enthusiastic Taurus
Hear what you say and say what you need to hear
vi pa
Simple Man
Astrology Reader - Tarot Reader Nhưng hơn hết mình là Red. Một con người luôn nỗ lực và cầu tiến để trở nên ""người"" chính phẩm. Có thể phiếm với khách hàng bên lề về mọi thứ ăn ngon mặc đẹp, những xúc cảm chuyển mùa cho tới kinh tế, triết học, chính trị 🙂
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Jelly Nguyen
Jelly, the screenwriter of the movie "12 Constellations: Draw a Way for Love to Run", Chinese translator, has written, edited, and edited many scripts, articles and books on the topics of destiny, style and destiny. aquatic. She also has 12 years of experience reading Tarot. The book "Numbered Memories", her first novel published by Young Publishing House in 2018, tells the dramatic portraits and fate of the port city of Hai Phong, observed from the perspective of a "person" storytelling" through the tools of astrology and Tarot.
Ms. Cheese
Reader Sweet and greasy cheese
Hello, I'm tarot - astrology reader Fat cheese with 5 years of experience, ready to listen, share and transmit to you the most positive energy (if you need). Come to me if you need a different direction or positive perspective. Tarot, star chart, tea will be companion tools in the sharing session ^^
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