What is astrology?

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Since ancient times, people have learned to look up at the sky and seek answers from the stars. Astrology is a study of the movement of celestial bodies in the sky, finding a connection between it and human society on the ground.​

It is believed that “Above the stars, below”, that the earth is a reflection of the sky above, everything in the universe operates according to a law. That is, the personality traits, behaviors, and events in a person's life can all be written in the sky - through the arrangement and operation of the planets in the universe at the moment that person is born. – that is the star map.

Western astrology focuses on people and their nature. They consider each being as a seed, which can sprout and grow, and also care about the environment in which that seed grows.

About us

Digital Astrology is a project that provides information and knowledge of astrology in digital form, to bring us practical applications in life, interesting discoveries about ourselves and nature. in the vast universe.

With more than a decade of research, Digital Astrology's readers have extensive experience in astrology, along with sophisticated and advanced techniques and algorithms. We focus on developing products that help you find out your personality, love, career, and forecast your future. Digital Astrology wants customers to have an easier approach to astrology through modern technical technology, completely different from the traditional approach.

Through the research process, Digital Astrology has developed many products to help customers better understand their personal life, love path, career journey and social relationships.

Each product is scientifically designed, applying the most modern AI application to select and provide customers with accurate information and knowledge, while still based on the principles of astrology. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of yourself or your relationships or to decide on important life events, Digital Astrology products are here to help.

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